What methods of payment do we accept?

You can pay by bank transfer, deposit, credit card, Paypal

Can I customize my doll?

Yes, of course, you can customize skin color, hair color, eye color, areola color and size, fixed or removable vagina, nail color for both hands and feet, it can also be with pubic hair or not

Do I need to do any paperwork before customs?

No, no customs procedure is necessary, the product arrives at your home or at the address you indicate.

When the model is in immediate delivery, what is the delivery time to my address?

From the moment the order is placed and it enters our system, 2 to 6 days, depending on the place of delivery

Can I bathe my doll?

If you can, wash it with liquid soap and warm water.

Can I put clothes on my doll?

Yes, always be careful not to wear clothes that fade as the doll has a certain moisture like skin.

Can my doll have the extras that are published on the page?

Yes, you can have the extras. It is always assoviate to consult the sales advisor

Can I customize the body measurements?

No, las medidas del cuerpo no pueden modificarse.No, body measurements cannot be changed.

How should I handle my doll?

We always advise not to manipulate the doll from the extremities, always to do it from the torso

How long does delivery take to other countries?

EL tiempo de entrega es depende la marca, los mismos son entre 10 a 19 días the delivery time depends on the brand, but approximately 15 to 20 days from the moment it is purchased. For shipments to Europe and Asia, 10 to 12 days from purchase.Shipments can always have a few more days of delay due to China holidays and festive events

What brands do you work with?

We work with the world’s leading brands in love dolls, in our BRANDS section you can see all the models.

I like a doll but I want to change the head for another model that I saw, is it possible?

Yes you can, as long as it is from the same brand.

Does the price include delivery to my address?

Yes, in most cases yes, with the exception of some states, please always consult the sales advisor.

What care do I have to take for my doll?

The doll must be stored in a dry place at room temperature, it is advisable to keep it in the same box that you receive it, you can also keep it hanging with the hook. It is not advisable to store with clothes on

Can I use lubricant?

Si claro, se aconseja usar lubricante a base de agua.Yes, of course, you can use the lubricant you want. We advise water-based lubricant for greater hygiene

Can my doll be put in different positions?

Yes, the doll has joints throughout the body, you can place it in the position you want, also keep it standing, as long as you ask the advisor for the extra STANDING YES

Do we ship to other countries?

Yes, we ship all over the world, we have a store in Argentina, Panama and the United States for deliveries to the American continent and for shipments to Europe and Asia TTD has a warehouse in China.

Does the doll come dressed the same as the photo?

No, the clothes that the doll is wearing are only for the photo book, except as indicated in the publication.

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